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Nylon braided rope


  • Material: nylon

  • Diameter: 4mm-96mm

  • Colors: red, yellow, grey, black, purple

  • length: customized

  • Usages: packing, climbing, outdoor sports, fire rescue, outdoor working

  • Packaging details: inner packed in plastic bag, then put in carton box, also can be customized
    Polyamide multifilament chemical called polyamide, China commodity called polyamide multifilament also called nylon
    Stability of the alkali, best in 10% concentration of caustic soda solution impregnation 100H basic do not reduce the fiber strength and the effect of ammonia water is also stable
    Density of 1.12-1.14g/cm3

    Melting point is 215 to 220°C, softening point is 160 to 180°C
    High-resilience, when 100% elongation, rebound 3%
    Wear-resisting performance is best
    UV-protection performance is good
    Breaking elongation 14%-28%
    Ideal for hauling, securing tents, tarps and loads
    Diamond-braid minimizes stretch for long life and durability
    Resistant to abrasion, gas, oil, mildew and chemicals