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3-strand Nylon Rope


  • Material: nylon
  • Diameter: 4-120mm
  • Color: client's requirements
  • Coil length: client's requirements
  • Certificate: LR, ABS, BV, CCS, GL, RS, DNV, NK
  • Advantages: easy operation, low enlongation, high strength, soft
  • Application: it is mainly used for the ship's mooring, towing, marine fishing, marine aquaculture, port terminals, national defense, mine traction and more.
  • Packing details: coil, bundle, reel, hank inside, woven bag or carton outside
    The stability of the alkali, best in 10% concentration of caustic soda solution impregnation 100h, basic don't reduce the fiber strength and the effect of ammonia water is also stable
    Density of 1.12-1.14g/cm³
    Melting point is 215-220
    , softening point is 160-180.
    High resilience, when 100% elongation, rebound 3%
    Wear-resisting performance is best.
    UV protection performance is good
    Breaking elongation 14%-28%