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Double braided winch rope

General description:
It has serial products including UHMWPE 8-strand rope, UHMWPE 12-strand braided rope, winch rope
With high strength ratio and diameter of wire rope, the weight is only 15% of the strength of wire rope, breaking elongation 2.8-3.9 excellent relaxation fatigue strength, 1000 times that of steel cable and nylon rope, density of 0.97g/cm3, less than water, float in water, soft, convenient plug at room temperature, the industrial concentrated acid-resistance, alkali, oxidant, ultra violet light-resistance, resistance to bending performance fatigue resistance is strong the rope load 40-50% cyclic loading 100000 times eventually breaking strength is not reduced, resistance to low temperature 43 degrees below zero performance is not reduced
Widely used for berthing and mooring line, winch rope, the sling, towing, national defense, marine oil, ocean transportation and other fields